Jul 20, 2015

Baby, we need to have a talk.

Dear Apple,
This is Oana. I've loved you ever since my first iPod. 64 gb of music. It seemed like heaven. It was that old model, with a wheel, I hope you remember. One of those that didn't have a replaceable battery. Oh, the drama when it broke. I loved it so much, I had to dissect it to figure out the magic inside, I'm a geek you see? When I did that, there was a loose contact, a wire sticking out, which I cured with some tape. That first iPod works 8 years after. 

But see, I didn't have an iPhone, nor desired one, nor worked on a mac. 
You seemed too beautiful to me. 

You seduced me with the touch. So I decided to get an iPhone. Oh, the drama of a lost one, the drama of a broken screen, you know what I'm talking about. 
The mac came last to join the happy family of screens and endless possibilities. 
The iPad because I moved so I needed to compress all my books. 

Now I'm listening to a meditation audiobook on my iPhone6. Oh, love it. 
But baby, it doesn't have a fucking bookmark on audiobooks? Are you fucking kidding me? See? I got a kindle as a present. I would have never betrayed the shinny luminous iPad for bedtime reading. But you know what? Kindle rules when it comes to reading. It's uglier, it's true and Gooooood, it takes me 45 seconds to write something which would have been 10 on you. But it works beautifully. 

I can bookmark shit. I can take my time. 

I don't want to download an app that helps me bookmark an audiobook. It's scratching my left ear with my right hand, after I managed to get rid of the bag and the rainproof jacket, in a crowded underground. Your built in app can do that. 
Amore, just put a fucking bookmark sign there. You don't need a whole design department to do it. 

So please step up the game and deliver what made me fall for you. That brilliant user experience. The common sense of longlasting great design. Maybe it's time to read Steve Job's stuff again. Do it on a kindle. Be disruptive, again. 

Thank you, babe. 

Jul 16, 2015

I made my will today.

I made my will today and I'm not happy with it. What do I leave behind and to whom? I'm not going to bold shout this. Nor italic hint this.
I'm going to make a new will this time, next year.
Hope I'll be happier.

Have you made a will this year?
What did you find worthy of leaving behind?
I'd so much like to know.

Jan 8, 2015

ROI looking good?

For every civilized human being that was connected yesterday to any kind of news channel, events in Paris were simpy revolting. 
Except for the marketing team at Tesco and the editorial team behind Metro, self entitled "world's most popular free newspaper". They were not on the planet. They had a core meeting somewhere in Saturn, about conquering new teritories and you know how interstellar wifi works. It's still in its early days. News travel with sublight speed. It takes a while to reach Saturn. 

This is the only explanation I could find for this morning Metro running a full cover advertising Tesco.

I understand Metro is a free newspaper, thus relying on advertising. I also believe that when the core concept of the media you're using is threatened, you as a newspaper and you as someone who uses it as a part of the media plan, you stop doing those powerpoints presentations and brainstorming sessions for company's monthly newsletter. You forget about brand awareness. Your common sense descends back and you realise that you can, for a day tell Tesco that they can have the cover tomorrow. Today, we have more important things to write about. And you, marketing team behind Tesco, you can either sack Metro, or just say, you know what, we're going to run the cover. Make it black. Write something empathic. Be human. Or just don't run the ad. 

SHAME marketing team at Tesco, shame editorial team at Metro. 

Sep 16, 2014

My mind is full of jam.

We discovered this public garden where blackberries grow freely on a rainy day. 

The crazy though of gathering enough for a jam crossed my mind but it was rainy and we didn't have any recipients with us.

He walked me to the train station next day, said goodbye and I left. Not for the train station but went back to blackberry heaven with the clear thought of picking enough for a jar of jam (you know that beautifully colored jelly you find in supermarkets, seed free and sweet as hell)
First you're going to pick the fruit. They are beautiful little creatures. Nature decided to gather up tiny blobs of pure delight, paint them black and call them....ahmm....blackberries. As for humans who want jam, all you have to do is give it time. Blackberries are naughty creatures and it takes time to get them together in an orderly pile in your bag.

Nature has a very nice way of putting things together as well. So you'll find nettle grows beautifully near shrubs of blackberry. Just to test how determined jam driven humans can be.
It takes a lot of time and you're alone. You start thinking that if someone passes through the garden they will at least say you're nuts. You look weird wearing boyfriend's fluffy but superwarm socks*, animal print hooded rain coat and 2 supermarket bags just to make sure the brazen creatures won't escape and stain everything around them. 

You even think about quitting. You told nobody about this idea so nobody can witness your failure.

And then something nice happens. You stop thinking. You know you'll make it. All it takes is patience and keeping your eye on the jar.
You will eventually manage to get a kilogram together. Your pinkie will be a bit numb from the nettle. But it will feel like fireworks light the sky spelling Welldone.

Got home and felt very creative. Instead of 900 gr of sugar, I added only 250. My jam is not very sweet and it's seedy but it tastes like victory.

Maybe we should make jam more often, just to learn about embracing whatever the process with a patient mind, not worrying about how we might look in the eyes of others while we're pursuing our crazy ideas, ready to get our hands numbed from whatever nettle we might come across.

May 16, 2014

Keep it real.

I moved to London 6 months ago, leaving a lot behind. A lot of my clothes, books, tools. The only thing I truly miss is my cat. 
You learn that you don't need a lot to be happy. You don't need two pairs of fins and 3 googles to be able to swim. You don't need all those boxes with small things you gathered all these years. You don't need all the books. You don't need all your clothes. You don't need that tshirt you bought years ago but never managed to give it away just because.

There comes a time when you need to stop doing the things you do. Especially when those things are nothing but noise. Especially when there's too much useless information coming at you from all directions. Our brains are not equipped for all this busy modern life we're living.
Stop, take a break and declutter.
You don't use it? You don't need it. 

I started with the luminous rectangles almost a month ago - deleted all the games from my iPhone. Then deleted a lot of apps that buzzed me with notifications but that I never really used. Trust me, you don't need a lot of free apps tracking your workouts, you need a good payed one.
Kept my games and books on the iPad that always stays offline. Offline time is always good time.

Mail was next so I unsubscribed from all the useless newsletters feeding me information I didn't use or need.
Maybe marketing should forget about newsletters and think about something new. They didn't make me buy anything or love the brand.

When it came to facebook, I had 2 choices, either delete the account but then again I use their messenger app to keep in touch with my real friends. So the obvious solution was to unfriend everyone I never met, or met but never really got to be personal or people that are not in my life anymore. Keeping it real. So I got from 2020 facebook friends to 600 people I know or I'm interested in what they do, or simply I just like them.

And it feels fucking great. Facebook is again only for friends, for sharing silly little things that amuse me and maybe the people I know.

Back to blog for sharing thoughts or inspiration. Back to soundcloud to discover new music. Back to newsreaders where I carefully curate what I read. Back to books. Back to more offline life. 

And I hate those sites that teach you how to make your life happier in 10 easy steps. I have no idea what works for you when it comes to decluttering and making your life easier and tastier. I'm simply sharing what works for me.

You go and have an awesome weekend. I know I am.

May 4, 2014

Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.

Original cast for Breakfast at Tiffany's was Marylin Monroe. I'm pretty sure it would have been a completely different movie. Not sure a better one.

Audrey Hepburn has always been an inspiration for me. Her timelessness, her grace, her style, her sense of humour, her vulnerability but at the same time, her wiseness always gave me confidence. Confidence to wear a little black dress, show some back and pearls and the occasional tiara. Confidence to keep it simple.

Vulnerable and sweet enough to say all those quotes about happiness, pretty girls and kisses you'll see on facebook today, wise&graceful enough to embrace her age by retiring at her best, not ending up as  botox, paralax or whatever old stars put in them to be for ever young.

Guys at Tiffany's know all this. She gracefully endorsed Tiffany's at a time where "product placement" and "brand values" weren't even invented. But Tiffany's are smart. They keep delivering that feeling, even today.
It's true. Nothing bad ever happens there. It's not about feeling like a princess, it's about feeling human, being asked silly questions without feeling questioned while delivering splendid service which makes your necklace, brought there for a fix, a valuable reminder that some stories are real and not fairytales. Great "brand" and "customer care" lesson there. 

She's a constant reminder that only with an open heart, you'll feel all those beautiful things that we all crave for. That it's all about smiling and feeling happy, a visionaire, indeed ( I'm sure Pharrell is a huge fan as well ).

So thank you Audrey for everything, cause at the end of the day we're all a sweet vulnerable bundle of neuroses. And it's ok.

Apr 13, 2014

Pain is necessary, suffering is optional.

When I first saw London Marathon's map, wondered how on Earth am I going to move that day, since it's basically by my house.

Woke up today knowing I'm going to see it, although I had no burning desire nor was in a very olympic mood. I needed milk.

I was sure I was going to take some pictures, instagram them, get milk and go home. Got there, found a good spot, took some pictures and it started to come to me. My spot is pretty close to the finish line. But for runners who made it this far, pretty far away. And you see it not in the first 3 hours but after 5 hours in the competition. They almost walk, but they are not stopping.

And it hit me.

Awe, because I've always admired athletes. And my, a marathon is quite a distance. I've always wondered what went throught Phidippides's brain while he did it. What really drove him. Cause back then Nike was just a goddess not something you put your feet in and go train for a marathon.

And for people who run or do any kind of sport, even for short distances, you know how hard it is to tame your brain into doing just another lap. 

And then I felt envious for every single person I saw running today. Because when they cross that line, they will feel, today, a week from now, a month from now, that they can do anything on this planet. That, through hard work, will power and discipline they can achieve anything. At a slower or faster pace. And I remembered how it felt when I did swimming competitions. There was no pleasure there. It was hard work, determination and faith that got me pass the finish line. But life was simple. Good. It had bubbly at the end of the day.

I felt envious for the smiles on their faces when they're going to finish, for their quiet sleep tonight, for the meal that's going to taste like heaven. 

And then I felt humble and inspired. So for every person, superhero and building that did the London Marathon today, I humbly thank you for reminding me that we all run. It's about deciding if we run for or from something. You've been amazing, thank you.

Title of this post taken from Haruki Murakami's book: What I talk when I talk about running.

Jan 13, 2014

Van Eyck was here

Dec 31, 2013

Wish you have a Beyonce 2014!

Meaning I wish you keep your mouth shut when critics fiercely bark on your back, while doing great work.

Let's all pull at least one beyonce this year. Let's humbly focus on what we do, let's have a point, let's deliver more quality and less shitvertising.

Let's all believe in our fucking selves more, while totally being honest with who we are.

Let's challenge concepts that really need changing. Let's keep more good habits. Let's be humble and thankful for what we've got.

Let's enjoy life, its nowness, let's smile more, let's move our asses on the dance floor, let's be sexy and let's just aspire to be happy.

Dec 24, 2013

Nov 27, 2013

Happy anniversary, baby.

Exactly two years ago, something important happened to me. And I'm sure the world doesn't care that much about what was it and that's fine. But to put it in context, I won two medals at a swimming competition. Gold and silver. Of course it was very cool to be number one, but being number two made me think about being second best, about staying hungry, staying fearful, about always staying humble.

So I decided that the 27th of November will be a special day for me. An anchor to always remind me that I'm not the absolute best, that there are good things to come, that effort always pays off and that generally life is good.

We can't walk on water or fly or be personal Jesuses for somebody else, we can't change how the world spins, we can't know it all, we have limited resources, we can't be someone else overnight and that's fine with me.

But we can create our own anniversaries, we can establish our own traditions. We can change toxic habits with healthy ones, and by doing so, small steps every day, hopefully become better versions of ourselves.

That's being true to meaningful events in your life, keeping your eyes wide open. That's allowing the world to pass through you as input and let it form-ulate you, without over thinking too much, though.

Today I am celebrating two years passing ever since, the end of a cycle, the beginning of a new cycle. 

And if you are celebrating something today as well, take a moment, think about what you're celebrating, smile and be thankful for what you've got. 

Happy anniversary, baby.

Aug 18, 2013

Jay-Z is Great Gatsby's real director.

The Great Gatsby has pretty colors, has CGI, "cool"actors" pools and champagne. Perfect you might say. It's so boringly flat, I had to force myself to make it to the end. It lacks pretty much everything that a good movie needs.
There's no build up, there's no rhythm, nothing sexy and decadent about it, characters looked all the same to me, costumes were boring.

I mean guys, it's a love story in the 20s NY decadence...champagne and some pool splashes? 

When I first saw the names on "The Great Gatsby"s soundtrack I was in total awe.
Dark Jack White plus Beyonce covering Amy Winehouse plus Florence and the Machine plus Bryan Ferry plus Sia plus Emeli Sande covering Beyonce? with a splash of The XX? Oh, my, I could feel my brain shiver on the verge of an explosion.

Over the years, Jay-Z showed himself as a brilliant producer cause like it or not, he is to blame after all, for ubertalented wifey's constant success. 

But now, he simply reveals how much music he knows, creating this beautiful aural landscape, yours to fill with the plot. Just take some time off, play the soundtrack, add some 20s decadence with a dash of love and I really don't want to know what's inside that secret cinema that your brain possesses.

I'm sure it's eons better than what I saw last night.

Jul 9, 2013

Practice makes perfect.

I read something that I really liked.

" It's only when you are alone that you can engage in Deliberate Practice, which was identified as the key to exceptional achievement. When you practice deliberately you identify the tasks or knowledge that are just out of your reach, strive to upgrade your performance, monitor your progress and revise accordingly"

Quiet by Susan Cain

Jul 4, 2013

Just keep swimming

Sambata 6 iulie, particip alaturi de Andreea, Aiana si Octav la Swimathon.
Inot pentru Aliat. Pentru ca am incredere in Mihai si munca minunata pe care o face pentru persoanele cu consum problematic de substante.

Vrem sa strangem 3000 de euro pentru modulul de terapie alternativa (prin arta). Vestea buna e ca puteti dona anonim. Aici.

"ALIAT derulează în prezent primul program din România de asistare gratuită a persoanelor cu un consum problematic de alcool. În cei 3 ani de derulare a proiectului nostru, aproximativ 1.000 de persoane cu un consum problematic de alcool au beneficiat de tratament specializat în Centrele noastre din București și Târgoviște (asistare psihiatrică, consiliere psihologică, psihoterapie individuală și de grup, mediere și asistență în vederea obținerii unui loc de muncă și consiliere juridică). În tot acest timp, am urmărit să identificăm nevoia reală de tratament pentru persoanele cu un consum problematic de alcool. Am ajuns să oferim servicii gratuite și confidențiale și pentru partenerii de viață și copiii sau rudele beneficiarilor direcți. Pentru a-i ajuta pe aceștia să mențină schimbările pozitive pe care au reușit să le producă în viața lor, am identificat nevoia unor grupuri de suport și terapii alternative. Ținând cont că resursele noastre (umane și financiare) sunt limitate dorim să generăm un departament nou în organizația noastră: un departament de terapie prin artă."

Jun 20, 2013


"Technology Is the Answer, But What Was the Question?"
Cedric Price

May 20, 2013


I very much like this piece by Adrian Paci.

"A video installation following a piece of marble getting carved out of a rock in China and traveling to the exhibition space in Paris. On the boat, during the trip, the marble stone gets transformed into a classical column by Chinese sculptors. The column is then presented outside of the exhibition space, while the video of the journey is presented inside."

Apr 22, 2013

The space behind my eyes.

There's not much left to say after a week-end spent with people you love, in a beautiful place.
Only that you're thankful and the place is simply out of this world.
Enjoy the view

The view


Apr 16, 2013

Welcome to my realm.

Music to my ears.

"I instantly and irreversibly block based on @replies I find even slightly annoying. Yes, it’s selfish. Yes, it’s about me. That’s the whole point. It’s not that I care about your brilliant reply or who reads my posts. You could very well be “right.” I just don’t care. I don’t want to hear it. I have no patience for conflict junkies or hyper-argumentative people polluting my stream. I don’t want to debate you. I don’t want to trade clever put-downs. I don’t want to go back and forth trying to get the last word. I don’t like to be trolled, nitpicked, insulted or bothered. If I happen to see something annoying, I immediately block without first getting in some clever remark of my own. This is a personal account. You’re not paying for it. Shocking: I don’t like to get hassled, and will block to avoid it. I’m not the guy to satisfy your need for epic battles, flame wars, or online validation. There are plenty of people itching for a fight, just not me. Go be annoying, rude, combative or your positive spin on those things somewhere else. I will ruthlessly curate my online experience to selfishly satisfy my own sensibilities and make it fun for me, period."

"I sense my writing displeases you. I suggest not reading it."

via gorgeously smart Deea

Apr 15, 2013

I can smell your essence

The too long awaited Daft Punk's album is going to rock your soul.
Can you feel it? They teased us like a proper lover would and I reckon the album is going to caress our ears for many months to come.
It features hot Pharrell and genius Chilly Gonzales. What else is there to say?

It's been a while since I've waited for an album like I'm waiting for Random Access Memories.
Give it to me baby.

And seeing all these brilliant musicians talking about the record and the band with so much respect and awe, doesn't make the waiting any easier.

A match made in heaven.

Am primit de la Madi o pelerina. (Madi este minunata mama a dragei Maria )
Cand m-a sunat si mi-a spus ca are ceva pentru mine, eram sigura ca o sa fie o piesa. Dar nu ma gandeam ca va fi asa o piesa.
Am primit-o acum o luna si n-am purtat-o pentru ca fost frig. Am asteptat cu nerabdare sa vina ziua cu soare in care sa o arat lumii. Tot timpul asta a stat pe umeras. M-am uitat la ea in fiecare zi si am asteptat.

M-am intrebat timp de o luna, care dintre hainele mele sunt atat de pretioase incat sa le pot da mai departe. Care dintre lucrurile pe care le adunam, o sa reziste timpului. Care se vor degrada/umple frumos? Pe care dintre ele le vom da mai departe cu drag stiind ca vor aduce bucurie sau cel putin un  prilej de reflectie?

Nu cred ca ipodul de prima generatie, iPhone-ul vechi sau ceasul Suunto prezinta interes. Insa, poate cineva, candva se va bucura sa primeasca cele 2 yukata pe care le am. Pentru ca nu sunt doar niste bucati de bumbac, ca un kimono e mai frumos cand il primesti, ca imbracarea lui e un proces care ia timp sau pentru ca legarea unui obi inseamna atentie si rabdare. 

Poate. Sper.

Multumesc nespus Madi, sper ca am asortat-o frumos. 

Apr 5, 2013

Cerere - in trei exemplare, stampilate si legalizate.

Motivul pentru care scriu in engleza e ca am cam 3 cititori care nu inteleg romana. Si pentru ca ii respect si nu vreau sa-i las pe mana lui gugal transleit, incerc sa scriu cat mai bine in engleza.

Postul asta nu-i priveste.

Pentru ca ei traiesc in orase normale, cu evenimente normale, cu parteneriate cu primaria, metrorexul lor si asa mai departe. Ei stiu ca pot sa iasa in oras in timpul saptamanii la concerte, pentru ca ele vor incepe, asa cum scrie pe flyer, cand scrie pe flyer.

Sunt crescuta in the good old 80-90z. Si ma mandresc cu faptul ca am crescut in provincie cu multa muzica. Cu timp sa ascult muzica. Asta inseamna ca muzica inseamna mult.

Cand ceva se fixeaza, in afara timpului, in afara muzicii, ca un moment, atunci cand trupa/interpretul vor veni in orasul tau, chiar daca va fi trecut mult timp, chiar daca vei fi foarte obosit, vei merge la concert. Vei plati cat scrie pe bilet. Deja ai crescut, castigi niste bani. E ok. Pe bilet scrie ca trupa pentru care ai veni incepe la 12. Te gandesti putin - daca incep la 12, termina la 1, cat ajung acasa - adorm la 2. Ok. Ma duc. Pot sa sacrific 2 ore de somn/somnul de frumusete, (pentru ca fetelor, somnul de frumusete conteaza enorm).

Ajungi la eveniment. Bei niste bauturi usor alcoolizate pentru ca maine trebuie sa te trezesti, sa fii fresh, pentru ca tara are nevoie de tine. Afli ca trupa pentru care ai venit o sa intre cu o ora mai tarziu, pentru ca, iti explica organizatorii, toti artistii au intrat mai tarziu, pentru ca nu s-a adunat lume.

Nu nu si nu. E un eveniment obscur, cu muzica, care inca, din pacate, e considerata, experimentala, intr-un loc in care, pentru muzica respectiva, pentru publicul nu foarte numeros ( nu ca asta ar fi ceva rau ) nu s-a adus inginerul de sunet potrivit.

Daca tu, organizatorule, ma mai vrei acolo, pe mine, omul care stie despre ce e vorba in muzica aia, care plateste bilet la intrare, care poate sa treaca peste faptul ca nu se aude perfect si ca e foarte mult fum, care mai si bea niste bauturi de la care, evident sa nu-l doara capul, deci mai scumpe, te rog sa respecti strict programul pe care il publici pe facebook si la care da lumea like.

Si ce ma enerveaza cel mai tare, e ca e asa la toate evenimentele din Romania. Totul intr-o nebuloasa. Eu vreau sa stiu macar cand incepe. +/- 15 minute de cum e anuntat. E respect pentru public, oricat de putin numeros ar fi.

Pentru mine Plaid inseamna Transalpina. Inainte sa fie construita. E un moment pretios, fixat, in cinema-ul secret al mintii mele, cu Plaid.

Si daca n-ati inteles despre ce vorbesc, mi-ar placea sa cititi ultimul Monocle, dedicat Germaniei, lucrului facut la timp. Si sa ne gandim toti la cum am putea, pentru ca, ne place sau nu, traim aici, sa facem dracului niste schimbari mici. Gen, daca scriem o ora pe afis, sa incepem cand scrie pe afis.

Am fost la Royal Albert Hall la concertul aniversar al Ninja Tune. Evenimentul incepea la 19:30. Am intrat in sala la 19:15 si era aproape goala. Ma gandeam ca va fi ca la noi, ca va incepe cu o ora intarziere. Concertul a inceput, cu sala plina la 19:30. O chelareasa a venit la 19:30, a verificat loja si a inchis-o cu o cheie imensa. Construirea traditiilor incepe cu prima zi.


Apr 3, 2013

Like. No other.

I should say that all appreciation for whatever I do, matters. Likes, comments on my posts, praises of my clothes. But to be onest, some likes matter more.

My mentor, who strongly believes I'm a talented photographer, managed, through his infinite patience to convince me to continue taking pictures.

Over the past 2 years, I build an instagram account that has little over 500 followers. Some of them are photographers I deeply admire. And when one of them likes my work, it's a good day.

Apr 1, 2013

Slow down, baby.

I've always taken care of my feet. This means always getting the comfiest shoes available. Sneakers, flats and flip-flops.

But even I, a tall girl, have 2 pairs of very high heels. I rarely wear them. Because wearing high heels always seems like an ordeal. What am I going to wear them with? I might need to move fast, my walking seems clumsy, etc. All this makes me jump in my comfy casual shoes, and leave the heels for yet another uncertain, forever postponed occasion. Cause we need to perform fast and look casually smart.

And then you find a perfect pair. You feel more comfortable. Your walking improves. But there's this thing. You can't be fast. It takes more time to get from A to B. What an ordeal.

Oh, wait. You listen to more music, your posture changes, your thinking flow changes. The universe doesn't end if you're slow and what looked as a necessary horror ends up a pure delight.

Oh, my, I like it slow. I like more music. I like the islands of time just for me. I like the smiles. I like the new perspective.

Slow down, baby. It's sunny outside.

Mar 26, 2013

Happy tree friends.

Facebook made us all friends. We all like each other, we say nice things and we behave. Harmony. We're all correct, sustaining the right causes by a click, liking the food we can't possibly cook in our kitchens and the cats we can't really take care of. Lovely. An uniform mass of lovely, kind creatures, all behaving and smiling. Isn't that cute? 

You might argue that some things, like porn should not be shared, but kept in a secret folder to be tasted from time to time, in small portions that keep you wanting more.

And I agree. I'm a nice creature.

So, the next video is a book adaptation, done for a fashion magazine and it teaches us the value of a clean cold table and other healthy things, like showering and clean sheets.

See you soon.

Mine from Alvaro de la Herrán on Vimeo.

Mar 25, 2013

Fashion News

I grew up with them. I fell out and in with love with them.
They are responsible for the way my mind shapes ideas.

You know their work is so different, you think only they can mix it in a concert.
You're very reluctant to any cover.

For anyone whose ears, mind, heart and skin resonated with Depeche Mode, take one hour off and listen to this. Give your mind a Sunday on a Monday.

It haunted me for the weekend. I was selfish enough to keep it to myself. Indulge in it. Remember old things, envision new ones.

Speak to you afterwards.

Mar 22, 2013

Speak to you later.

There was a time when you could share stuff with only a handful of people. And that was good cause maybe even a debate would be born from that. Maybe you were making new friends and enemies. It was anyway, a night out, when people shared a good wine and some interesting stories.

Then sharing networks appeared. You would share and share and share and share. Nothing would be just for you anymore. You would get likes and comments and that would make you feel important, validated, liked.
Until you find something that good, you don't want to share it. It's so obscure but brilliantly tasty, perfectly touching your soul, in so many ways, you want to keep it to yourself.

And then you feel uncomfortable.

But that's what usually happens when you change your routines.

Keep that obscure thing obscure for 2 more days. If it's that hip you'll see it on a wall in your face.
But keep it with/within you for a while. Let it haunt you, let it resonate with the other things that, along the time form-ulated you. Let it stay, get its vitamins. Like you do with great food. You don't spit it out, you slowly swallow it, tasting  it, feeling how good it is for you.

Let it form you, still. Listen to it, before you talk about it.

Nope, I'm not sharing it just yet. 2 days. It's, at least for me, painstakingly good.

Mar 19, 2013


Less facebook, more real intenet routine pays off.

Found Blom&Blom, 2 brothers devoted to forgotten items from forgotten places.

"We collect, restore and redesign industrial lamps and furnishings, in order to give these authentic pieces a new existence. With a particular passion for industrial artefacts from the former DDR, we stroll across East Germany in search of abandoned factories and the stories they hold."

Finding old objects, giving them a new life is far from being a revolution. Respecting their history though, is a tender touch B&B casts by showing old pictures of the objects, in their original location.

Mar 15, 2013

Today is a new day.

De cativa ani, ma trezesc cu Guerrilla de dimineata, emisiunea lui Dobro, Oprina si pana de curand a lui Craio. Trebuie sa recunosc ca in ultima vreme, ma enervau glumele de topor preistoric ale lui Craio. Insa cand am aflat ca a plecat de la Guerrilla, m-am intrebat, ca toata lumea, cum va fi emisiunea fara el.

Baietii, asaltati de feedback, incearca de o saptamana, sa se regrupeze si sa reinveteze emisiunea.

Si asta e un lucru minunat. Sa schimbi felul in care faci acelasi lucru, sa nu ramai paralizat de teama schimbarilor care vin uneori fara ca tu sa le fi cerut, sa accepti ca uneori lumina cade si altfel decat vedeai tu.

Asta nu poate sa aiba decat rezultate bune. Trebuie insa sa dai timpului, timp.

Dec 1, 2012

Plan B

I used to write daily - on the blog that is. And since I'm coming from ages when facebook was a synapse that didn't happen just yet, I used my blog for sharing beautiful music or any kind of interesting info I found on the mighty web.

Facebook happened, so, apart from important moments that required more than 2 lines of text, I didn't write much.

My cat's fall brought one of the ugliest weeks in my life. Re-arranged a lot. Changed the way I look at some people, proving, once again that cats are great teachers on human behaviour.

Last night I lost my iPhone, cause I'm not my usual self these days. Or I am my usual self just powerless and just tired. It's a bad moment. A bad year.

It's not about the phone. It's about waking up and figuring out plan B. Cause we all should have one. Just in case. Like - what do you use for the morning alarm? Remember alarm clocks? They run on batteries, without an USB. OMG!!!

It's a bad moment and it's ok to feel miserable. I can't help smiling though, on the thought that old habits die easy actually and all happens so that, in a while, we'll wonder about how we managed to pass through it all.

Life is good as long as it is and as long as plan B is not a scare.

Nov 24, 2012

Every superhero has his flaws.

Isn't it funny how life is?
Last night I was thankful for the love I receive. 

Tonight, my life companion, who is, like for most of us, ( I still hope - a minority ) , a cat or maybe a dog, believed he can fly from the 5th floor.

For those welcomed home by a small fluffy thing, that, in his alien language, argues with you, you know the panic. You know how your heart stops. It, fucking, painstakingly stops. 

Briefly, my cat flew from the 5th floor. But we're both born on the 13th. We're lucky bastards. 

I am truly thankful for the strangers that stopped tonight. For the strangers that helped me when I was frozen in pain and tears. For the strangers that called other unknown friends to make sure we get the best medical attention. For the strangers that carried us. For friends that came to our rescue. For friends that spent hours talking to us. For the unasked tenderness. For eye contact that spells more than words.

We are a family. We are Felipov Oana and Felipov Kiwi, we're superheroes and we both humbly bow before you - people we've met, some new, some old, tonight. I will bow more cause Kiwi has some broken bones. But he saw you. He knows.

We thank you. More than words can ever say. You make it worth caring, worth loving, worth giving.

P. S. We love Ortovet

Nov 23, 2012

I'm a slut for love.

I never cared much about celebrations. I mean the big ones that everyone makes such a big fuss about. I never completely got Valentines day, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. Last year I declared the 27th of November as a personal celebration - something great happened to me so I decided to make it a big day.
I think we all should decide what to celebrate and when. I think we all should decide what traditions are worth keeping and which ones are not worth keeping.

Yesterday one of my friends passed me her ticket  to Macy Gray's concert and decided I'm going although I don't enjoy concerts alone. Today, one of my girlfriends texted me she's going as well so what it seemed like a solo night turned as a girl's night out.

My girlfriend, who's going through a nightmare breakup told me she missed me. And then, another beloved friend told me he missed me. And it's not about how awesome I am. It's about the warm, homey feeling that you get when you know you're truly missed.

And then gorgeous Macy Gray said something about Thanksgiving.

I had no clue what Thanksgiving is about so I wikied ( how wicked is that ) it.

Tonight I'm aware of how thankful I am. For the love I receive. The kind of love you're not asking for. The best love.

Go to sleep world, the apocalypse is not coming tonight.