1.portable-ebb and flow

13.the cure-bare

29.the cure-to wish impossible things

51.veritasaga-intre dezamagire si speranta

37.veritasaga-sentiment inselator

39.veritasaga-nu meriti

27.placebo-because i want you

11.i'm not a gun-sundays will never change

7.depeche mode-judas

9.depeche mode-only when i lose myself

17.depeche mode-i want you now

39.depeche mode-condemnation

13.depeche mode-never let me down again

23.beef terminal-total destruction

15.radiohead-romeo and juliet soundtrack

13.four tet-and they all look broken hearted

39.telefon tel aviv-i lied

18.telefon tel aviv-your face remind me of when i was old

19.this mortal coil-another day

21.depeche mode-nothing's impossible

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