santiago sierra

santiago sierra in bucharest.
he does bring the question whether contemporary art has anything to do with ethics. with whether I, as a contemporary artist, am allowed to use people as he does.
asked about ethics in his work he replied that he only underlines already existing facts.
and still, he pays people for doing stuff inside art galleries or he documents the happenings and presents them as artistic practice.

it is difficult and social arenas are two tricky ingredients to mix.
on a different scale but still raising a lot of questions about the role of the contemporary artist dealing with social environments Rene Francisco Rodri­guez

"In one of the poorest quarters of Havana, Rene Francisco, along with neighbors, restored the completely dilapidated house of 83-year-old Rosa. She was chosen by the neighborhood residents in a basic democratic survey organized by Rene Francisco, because she had always helped others her whole life. A video documents the process, from the survey up to completion of the building measures."

he basically changed this woman's personal space.when she got back she found this new, more practical indeed space, but not her own anymore.

this pisses me off so i'll just finish the post.

i'm curious about santierra's installation in the museum.

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felipov said...

it was disturbing.