read this: "Surreality, as it turns out, is more seductive than incomplete reality."
made me think of Feng Mengbo's work for documenta.
"With "Quake III" as the basis of his work, Feng has come up with a very different sort of video game. On one hand, the keyboard has been replaced by a "dancing board" to allow users to control the game with their feet; on the other hand, Feng Mengbo has imparted a clearly ironic-political note to the game by inserting himself-camera in one hand, plasma gun in the other-into the game as an on-screen figure. Feng Mengbo is one of the leading Chinese media artists. His games, films and photographs reflect his unique style and creativity in dealing with virtual reality.
and also reminded me of haaning's turkish jokes presented at documenta also.
and pierre bismuth's jungle book.

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