i'm an addict

reading about transmediale berlin, realised i should've been there.

"REALITY ADDICTS love reality. They can't get enough of culture and nature, of music and machines, images and words and people. They are addicted to the manifold realities."

"transmediale.06 is devoted to the Reality Addicts and their artistic strategies, with which they subvert the technological paradigm of reality. They demand more than the smooth surfaces of a mediatised world, they enjoy the paradoxes, celebrate technical defects, and play with the almost possible. They commit themselves to nonsense, and seek to multiply reality by means of exaggeration, rupture, distance, and ever new diversions."

this is bix by realities united

recently been to this lecture by milka pogliani and i was reading something connected to what she was saying:

"Question by Geoff Cox: What do you tink about the possibility of the advertising industry riappropriating artistic ideas and positions?

Seems inevitable and often it’s not a bad thing. Artists propose alternative ideas to simply glue a film or advert on the building. Too often people find ideas and concepts from traditional media and simply print or glue the on the facade. It takes no time to convolute a surface: put once for a limited period of time something ugly and people will never look at that building again. A huge building is like a big TV with only one channel with a boring programme that never changes. 85% of passersby on Potsdamer Platz do not notice SPOTS. Two possible reasons: whenever the see something blindino, the tino it’s advertising and watt nothing to do with It. Or the are people coming from provincial town and want to “keep their cool” by not looking impressed.

Question from the audience:Can product placement and art coexist?

Tim Edler’s answer: At first the idea was to mix art and advertising. Artists would take a slogan from a famous brand and work on It. Take McDonald. Its slogan is “I’m loving It.” So the artist would have to create something around the “i’m loving it” concept. But R:U thought Chat eden if the name of the company is not mentionned or if the brand is criticised, McDonald would still be there on Potsdamer Platz, so the opted for the 100% artistic solution."

via we make money not art

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