in Paris artists build architecture:
''A thematic exhibition,''Archipeinture'' intends to explore the different ways in which urban architecture and contemporary art tend to influence one another, including: the use of painting as an architectural form in public or private spaces; the effect of recent developments on the representation of the modern metropolis; the links between architecture and other mental or psychological spaces…''

and on the other part some architects build for art.

Koolhas Casa da Musica in Porto
''The ideal acoustic form for a concert hall is a shoebox. And we have seen a lot of architects trying to make shoeboxes interesting, or to design interesting shoeboxes. We got rid of the shoe box.''

Herzog & de Meuron Tate London

''Designed by Pritzker Prize Laureates Herzog & de Meuron, the Tate Modern is one of the world's most celebrated examples of adaptive reuse.''

Herzog & de Meuron de Young Museum San Francisco

Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum in New York
Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao


fry said...

next month I'll be in Porto so I might pay a visit to the Casa da Musica :)

felipov said...

take some pictures.i read only good things about the building.

fry said...

at a second tohugt, I might be focused only on the food & wine, though :)

felipov said...

hmmm...i demand some pictures:)
how long are you going to be there for?

fry said...

from April 21st till May 1st (4 days in Lisabona and the rest in Porto). my 5th visit in Portugal, btw, so if u need qualified info just tell me :)