a fiesta of tough choices

is the name of a festival-inspired exhibition with two seminars at IASPIS.

"Addressing the Swedish Government Decree of “2006: Year of Multiculturalism”

" Multiculturalism is easy to dismiss. For the right, it poses a threat to tradition and national identity. For the left, it often means food festivals, post-Marxist culturalism, or reactionary community spokesmen. As in discussions on globalisation, perhaps the jist of the problem lies in the tools at our disposal, the critical terminology, which is awkward at best, dangerous at worst."

makes me wonder about the legitimity of such a decree and also reminds me about issues in mika hanulla's " Rock the Boat: Localized Ethics, the Situated Self, and Particularism in Contemporary Art "

"On oppose tres souvent a la notion de (globalisation) celle du (local). On accuse souvent (ou encourage, selon si l'on est pour ou contre ce phenomene) la premiere d'eclipser la seconde."

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