love art sex mental illness

recently read national geographic's love issue where at some point they say that when in love we behave like mental disturbed individuals.
found this article about the relation between mental illness art and sex.
and here it is this article about love and the brain activity.
makes me think of carsten holler:
"Carsten Holler holds a doctorate in biology, and he uses his training as a scientist in his work as an artist, concentrating particularly on the nature of human relationships. Viewer participation is the key to all of Holler's sculptures, but it is less an end in itself than a vehicle to informally test the artist's theories concerning human perception and physiological reactions. Equal parts scientific experiment and sensual encounter, Holler's works are most frequently devoted to his singular obsession-chemically analyzing the nature of human emotions. Solandra Greenhouse, a work created for this exhibition, is a garden filled the with the Solandra maxima vine, a plant that exudes pheromones capable of inducing amorous feelings. Coupled with strobe lighting intended to create a slight disorientation in the visitor, the experience of the Solandra Greenhouse is meant to recapitulate the physical effects of falling in love."


Romerican said...

Odd that national geographic would reach so far as to bother with such a topic outside their core readership. Maybe they are feeling the burn of deteriorating advertising revenue? Hmmph.

felipov said...

maybe it's because it's in the february issue.