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really liked aglomerari spontane's action
{ they won the best niche blog by cheating the contest and made this public in order to show that the contest could be tricked }
and for those who thought that their action was stupid, there's a story for you:

"Free Manifesta was a project for Manifesta 4, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from May 25 to August 24, 2002. A place in Manifesta 4 was purchased for $15,099 in an ebay auction by New York artist Sal Randolph, and any artist who wished was invited to exhibit their work as part of Free Manifesta. Over 225 artists & groups participated in free public art projects of all kinds which took place around Frankfurt am Main as well as through the broadcast airwaves, telephone and mail systems and on the internet. Though FREE MANIFESTA officially ended with the close of Manifesta 4 on August 25, 2002, this site remains as a catalog of the show and as an access point for artists websites and contact information. "


andressa said...

i liked it too.

adica mesajul a fost ok, se putea si mai putin agresiv, dar misto ideea.

aglomerarispontane said...

oana, ce-i cu Free Manifesta? ziceai ceva la bar acolo da nu stiu de ce nu am mai putut sa te ascult, eram foarte obosit. dar nici din textul asta nu intelegem legatura cu actiunea noastra, credem ca suntem cam prosti.

felipov said...

for me the fact that you changed the meaning or found new meaning in the contest is similar with sal randolph action.within the usual art system that has specific rules sal randolph found a way to create a free event where every artist who wanted to be in could be in.
i think for you was just saying what you had to say or to quote from waking life :" to make your lack of voice be heard" which i really liked.
and you were the whole action made sense.

aglomerarispontane said...

uau. nice interpretation. glad to be in your blogroll, great to have your attention. thanks.