history repeating.

there's this debate about graffiti removal.
"The biggest loser of the Commonwealth games, says graffiti artist Banksy, is Melbourne's street art scene - and London could be next for the whitewash.
Melbourne is the proud capital of street painting with stencils. Its large, colonial-era walls and labyrinth of back alleys drip with graffiti that is more diverse and original than any other city in the world. Well, that was until a few weeks ago, when preparations for the Commonwealth games brought a tidal wave of grey paint, obliterating years of unique and vibrant culture overnight."

and again there are some who say that:
"The central point here is one of permission, not art. Paint the Sistine Chapel on someone's home without their say-so and you cause hurt. But then that's not something many graffiti writers ever think about, since their main aim is self-gratification and to get a buzz out of hurting the vulnerable. That's why they never paint on their own property and would be the first to complain if somebody else did.Peter Gibson Keep Britain Tidy"

Funny enough the sistine chapel poped in.the chapel is one of the famous examples of narrowmindness that distroys.michelangelo had no ideea how to paint lovely underwear so the geniatalia of the last judgement were covered imediatly after by another painter.reason easy to understand.
to see the good part in this maybe the restoration academies will develop a new branch.graffiti restoration.with all the knowledge and techniques.future jobs.future "i'm sorry to ever have done that"s.just because it doesn't seem so appealing at the moment.
there actually is a costarican artist,alejandro ramirez who restaures graffiti.the article is in spanish only.

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