music genome project

they've created pandora.
according to them music has genes in which the magic and identity of one song is to be found.
tried it.discovered new music.


Cristi said...

This site is the best. When I'm in the mood for new music I always use it.

Romerican said...

It's a great sales pitch to be able to tell record companies you can predict their next Big Hit based on our forumla of 13 secret herbs and spices.

There's value there, but not Truth.

shpe said...

pandora is realy a good DJ

Now that i'm thnking... there will be nice to make a station that play musics acordingly to 2 or many songs/artists that U give in a period of time...
In this way is made a fade between the gendres :)
Then is the BEST DJ

similar is

it is only finder it does not player, but finds also movies that U would like

gorgeoux said...

This is what I thought about it last year. I still think that :) So, what did you guys--Romer!can aside--do? Enter a false US zip code? The ole' Romanian way?