after depeche mode

it would be difficult to talk about the concert and what it meant to me.completlly out of this blog's context.personal meanings too personal and long to tell.
i'm sure there are pictures from the concert.i took some but even though i was close to the stage they're not that good.
still after the concert the only way i could get away from the area was by took me one hour to get from the stadium to the tube.
shocked to see the tube so new york tokyo in bucharest.
video of the tube here
and because it was too good there is never let me down again
and sandra's and silvia's and metropotam's and criz's views.
and some beautifull pics


silvia g said...

i can feel someone was impressed... daca ai folosit cuvantul "personal" ca sa descrii ce ti-a ramas dupa...

felipov said...

i was waiting for this concert for a long time.
it's still difficult to be blown away cause it's not the first mega concert or gig that i've been to, but this one is mi corason:)
i was talking afterwards with one of my friends who's always been a fan.he couldn't sleep after the concert.
so i'll keep the afterefects to me:)
still chewing on it:)