it's a long time since a dj made me wonder about music about why do you go to parties, etc.
the thing was simple.andy smith(portishead).he's here but he doesn't have any records.airline djs rusu&flore bring their records from a completely different range.and THE dj plays and what was amazing was that

1.he could have know i don't have my records so i'm not playing and

2.he managed to do some great things with somebodyelse's records.and then they bring hip hop records which somehow were closer to his thing.and he was good.there were moments when he would say things about the tracks.

so at first you were disappointed because you knew what he can do and in which area, but after a while, knowing the man didn't have his own records, and listening to what he was doing , you just couldn't leave.
so now i'm wondering what is a dj to do in such circumstances? play or not play? which thing would have been more disappointing? is it a failure that he didn't play his thing? wasn't it interesting to see what an experienced dj can do with a limited area of records.somehow it felt like a dj exam where he had to improvise with somebodyelse's records.
i would give him a clean clear A.

and now i'm wondering if i should go to stimultan just because it's going to be in a parking lot? i'm not very keen on the bands there so can a new place improve somebody's performace?

really looking forward for oneself


ina said...

Just say no. Can't fail this way.

Or just come and have fun or get anger material at Stimultan2 : >

gorgeoux said...

Play. Only option available :)