the landscape connection

found out about city wipeout

"It seems that today's cities are filled up with images. Spaces without some form of advertisements are becoming scarce. The city-dweller's field of vision is dominated by commerce.The signage in cities provides an international language for navigation and is part of Western consumer culture, in New York and Tokyo as well as in Helsinki."

"Architect and researcher Pasi Kolhonen wants to reveal with his City Wipeout installation just how many images, texts and signs we find in our everyday environment. The installation consists of pictures which unveil an ordinary face of the city centre. The pictures are reflected one-by-one on the wall.

The user interface allows the spectators to wipe the view clean of everything but the advertisements, signs or logos. All that remains is the blanket of advertising that covers the entire city. That blanket is not always noticed although it is constantly present in our daily life. "

" At the moment, Pasi Kolhonen is studying the effects of advertising on city space as a full-time researcher at the School of Visual Culture in the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

made me think about "the landscape is changing" - mircea cantor's video

searching for images from the video found out that this is the name of an old depeche mode song and now it links in a strange way to unfamiliar places
be there

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