geniuses are dead

wired published something about creativity and geniality.about young and old geniuses.about creativity that might boost when you're young or later.a new theory suggests that creativity comes in two distinct types - quick and dramatic, or careful and quiet.
hmmm..I don't think geniuses exist anymore.There's nothing new.If you assume creativity as the capacity of bringing something absolutely new then there's no more creativity. But if you assume that creativity is also the capability of changing meanings by re-contextualising then we're saved.
nevertheless the old genius theory is not supposed to be "justification for laziness or procrastination or indifference. "

And then found this article about evolving creativity which makes more sense, because it also underlines the relevance of context and interdisciplinary practices.

"Are you a Planner who thinks about design? Maybe you are a designer who obsesses about the business impact of your designs. Or you might be an Information Architect who thinks about motion, transitions, multimedia, and uses tools like storyboarding and visual scenarios. Or how about a Developer who comes up with the ''big idea''?
If you haven't noticed, creativity is evolving."

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