thank you all.
and small warning for apple people.if you make remote headphones in shape of earings that would actually work you should credit all these people blogging and thinking and rethinking.and me.

iPod headphones by felipov featured in:
spirit of fun
aglomerari spontane


pois0n said...

nice stuff

julee said...

very very nice i've recently designed a bag made of two vinyl records and i'm very proud of it heheh.kewl iRings idea;)

grafic said...

hey... :)

felipov said...


Roberta said...

hi felipov, like your profile's pic.. looks like Starbuck from Galactica sci-fi serie! :-) cool!
Actually I found *karakiki* blog first and then your flickr! :-)like the skateboards very much! super cool! it would be nice if you add some translation of the exibition!bye