latest linklater

is called A Scanner's Darkly.

This comes from the maker of beautifull "waking life".
The reasons i really admire linklater are so many; amongst them is his coherence without being boring as a director, his relation with the actors that write lines dialogues of their own and such a beautifull example is before sunset-sunrise (for the reality human normal feeling that the films have)

This one is an adaptation of P.K.Dick' novel's ( the writer for total recall, blade runner and minority report ) and author of UBIK.

"PK Dick wrote this novel as a way of telling the story of how he and his friends in the early '70s damaged and destroyed themselves with drugs. He tells this story within the framework of a surreal science fiction thriller, but many of the scenes are straight from his own experiences with the unpleasant consequences of people using drugs and disintegrating mentally."

and here are the first 24 minutes of it.
sources:imdb and psfk


iancu said...

Abia astept filmul.

Imi pare rau ca inca nu a aparut Ubik la noi cartea..

felipov said...

i've read the book in romanian.years ago.

iancu said...

are you sure ? from which publishing house ? every time I went loking for it they'd say they never heard of it.. and i'm pretty sure Nemira didn't publish it..

felipov said...

pretty sure.
the image was a spray that had ubik written on it.i don't remember the publishing house.

felipov said...

it is nemira.
long time ago