latest discovery

maybe for some it's not that new.tool.
searched for them on resourceful youtube, tried to find videoclip for reflection, found something much better.
and that's why youtube is great.because one doesn't find only original clips but also mixes, remixes of the original.
it just takes a lot of patience to select the good ones.
and i'm really looking forward to re- read bourriaud postproduction.


Dan Filip Radu said...

Imaginile sunt preluate din filmele astea 4 :

felipov said...

to be more specific from baraka.
but if you go on youtube you will see that the person who remixed it credits the images.

fifteen minutes celebrity said...

I've seen this documentary for the first time 3 weeks ago. Never heard of it before. But since then I keep bumping to this sort of hints to the movie. I can't explain. Looks like someone is trying to remind me what I've felt that night and wants to be sure I'll never forget. Maybe it's really baraka.