small font theory

been to groove armada and discovered soulwax.
groove armada..hmm..just proves that my theory about bands, their celebrity and bringing them to RO is valid.
well.groove armada was presented as the band with the biggest font on the flyer.
they still are famous but they were good years ago.
so the theory is like this.if you go to a gig for the band with the biggest font (famous band) but good years ago, the chances that they suck is really big.but instead you might discover one of the smallest font band.and they might be just very good.
had no idea about soulwax.really good.liiifeeeee.
youtube and google them


Anonymous said...

let's say that is rather harsh in respect of Groove Armada, for all the tastes in the world there are all the genres in the world. don't judge one band through another ;). Cheers

felipov said...

i used to like them.groove armada
but it is true.
soulwax were so much better, and it's not only about the music.
you could say by far that they were performing, that they put soul in what it was a brilllliiiant performance.
but sometimes bands decline, that's sad but true.and there's other bands coming through.ascending.

Anonymous said...

u have very high standards and expectations when comes to judging DJ,s in action. you had the same reaction about fatboy. it's kinda normal for someone involved or close to the music scene. i'm doing the exact same thing when it comes to dancing/ballet. and indeed, soulwax were the surprise discovery. they played with passion and put their hearts into the performance. i wonder if in 5-7 years time, they will play with the same intensity and honesty.

Anonymous said...

maybe because they are of such a different style, maybe because they performed AFTER soulwax, maybe you had different expectations... maybe they were good but not so good after soulwax...