poll:best new year's eve party

well, i never got it.
it's one night.nothing changes.but people expect that a new year will come and everything will be fresh and bla bla.
it doesn't happens.the magic time comes, the clocks are never the same so when is it?the new year?and everyone kisses one another and you know the whole thing.but nothing changes.
so i think that the best party at least this year was the train one.i mean nothing changed but at least the whole night was a journey so in the morning you were in another place.
too bad i found out too late.
pics soon.


Bogdana said...

halleluja sister! that's precisely how i feel. and the train thing did catch my eye too

felipov said...

i mean....yeah everyone puts some new clothes on...and some money in some pockets and all that.but.it's nothing but a forced party.and few people are actually having fun.
it should be a trip of some sort.so that you would feel that something changes.

claudinho said...

i've seen pics from the train party. lokks like it was great. a friend of mine which was on the train said was pretty cool, although the trip seemed to him a bit long.