can you spot the differences?

Michel Gondry's the science of sleep

and adprint winner for best print


claudiu said...

Not really ;)

Anonymous said...


this is absurd. one of them is a screen shot from a movie. and the other one is an ad. diferent concepts, circumstances.

or what is this all about?

felipov said...

all i'm saying is that sometimes advertisers borrow images.concepts.dreams in this case.
it's within contemporary culture.
that's all.
i didn't say anything about stealing.
to me the image is the same.the content is different.and the post is called can you spot the diffs?

casanova cat said...

dude, I mean chick, like you are tooootally paranoid. I understand where "s-a mai făcut" concept starts but this is the point-of-no-return of exxageraţion!

btw nice blog.

felipov said...

thanks for your comment.
as I said before, i'm not saying anything about :"s-a mai facut"
i'm just talking about influences.about how one can change meaning just by changing the context.

psalmplasma said...

Pai daca e vorba de influente, draga Oana, poate ar trebui sa stii ca primu' print la wonderbra care folosea manutele alea mari s'a intamplat inaintea filmului domnului Gondry.

..asa ca am putea spune chiar ca influenta a fost inversa. Adica Gondry a copiat?! OMG!

felipov said...

draga psalmplasma, stiam de wonder bra:)
si cum ziceam, nu vorbesc neaparat de furaciuni, vorbesc de influente.din cate am citit despre mainile mari ale lui gondry, ele sunt un stiu daca ele au influentat sau nu castigatorii adprint.
insa mie mi se pare ca aceeasi imagine poate sa aiba cu totul alt sens doar daca ii schimbi contextul.
eu am vazut filmul de putin in aceeasi perioada cu adprint.asa ca le-am conectat.