dacia me and nobody else in the world

For those who don't know, Vlad Nanca's latest project is about dacia.
There is another romanian artist who made a video in 2003 about dacia 1300.
Well, the second one stefan constantinescu wrote a letter in which he says that he was the first to take the subject and that he thinks" it's dangerous that somebody is trying to impose a monopol on the subject (dacia) forging the art history for personal purposes"
oh dear...
well i don't think nanca tried to impose a monopol so dear stefan constantinescu what would you say if i'm starting my own project about dacia? called dacia me and nobody else in the world


Anonymous said...

daca te intereseaza sa facy un proiect pe tema asta de ce nu strangi toate discutziile si reactziile despre subiect intr-un buchet frumos de ghiocei si ai si cel mai sincer si adevarat proiect despre "dacia" facut vrodata.


Anonymous said...

internet rubbish
what results when u combine a presumption of intelligence (i really tried to be polite) and maliciousness

Anonymous said...

here`s another "dacia" project made in 2001/2002 - artist Hangan Radu *UAP



paintings and other artistic representations of "dacia" .. the eighties & communism era

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