nooka=future is now

Bought this in december.
Took 1.5 months to get here.Because the shop doesn't deliver in RO.So i had to follow a very complicated path.
Finally it's here.While i was waiting for it i found out that nooka means future is now.Great.
I like the watch.The rubber band is easy to unlock.Not a classic system but smart and simple.
And it feels comfy.


claudinho said...

it suits you very nice :)

dacian said...

heey, nice ring!

Dragos said...

Sunt cele mai tari din lume. Am scris si eu de ele.

Sa-l porti cu zambetul pe buze si sa profiti de fiecare secunda pe care o arata :D

Matei said...

ooooo! cuuute watch! i want one of those too :)

Dominus said...

super, dar daca te intreaba careva pe strada cat e ceasu, cred ca dureaza ceva pana ii raspunzi :)

felipov said...

pentru ca dupa o zi de uitat la el te inveti.cred ca de asta mi-a plakut.
ca ma invata sa ma uit altfel la lucruri.sau ca un om se poate uita si altefel la lucruri.take time for ex.