In troubled times endangered species stick together

This is a picture of three Saab's all together. In our neighbourhood there are three. Black, silver and red. Now imagine a rather generous parking place. You see them sometimes between Dacia's Audi's and other cars (never together). Last night coming back from town we saw the silver one parked near the red one and one free spot, so it was rather obvious that we should park the black Saab that Tudor drives, near.

And it seems that this dear but endangered specie behaves like all species. They stick together in rough times.
I hope Saab will survive this crisis. I really hope so. We ( and not we me and Tudor but we, the owners, the users, admirers of Saab and everything that Saab is) would miss them a lot.
We've seen them butchered by GM let's hope they will go back to where they were a Swedish beautiful, not at all flashy, more than meets the eye, low but good profile car and not an " I wish I was a BMW" car.

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