Gustave Flaubert

Ati citit Gustave Flaubert? Nici eu pana azi.

ABSINTHE. Extra-violent poison: one glass and you're dead. Newspapermen drink it as they write their copy. Has killed more soldiers than the Bedouin.

ARCHITECTS: All idiots.
Always forget to put stairs in houses.

ARTISTS: All pranksters. Boast their disinterestedness (old). Wonder what they are dressed like everyone else (old). Earn huge sums of money, but throw them through windows. Often invited to dinner in town. Female artist can be a whore. What they do can be called work

BEARD: A sign of strength. Too much beard hair gives baldness. Useful to protect ties.

ADVERTISING: fortune source."
Dictionary of Received Ideas - 1911


Anonymous said...

dap, citit; la putin timp dupa smlxl; si speculez de atunci incoace ca formatu' dictionar inserat de koolhaas peste tot in cartea-caramida era inspirat din flaubert..

Felipov said...

Eu sunt mai superficiala.
N-am citit marea carte a marelui arhitect.
Am inteles ca e benchmark.
O voi citi - sa-l caut pe Flaubert.