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Le-am cules de pe un site de review-uri.

Despre Bell&Ross Airbourne :"I think it is interesting because it is really a sign that Bell & Ross is trying to defend the watch because of some of the negative backlash from finnicky collectors. You can also see that the watch comes with a diamond covered face - because that is just what a watch meant to pay tribute to paratroopers needs, diamonds. Overall a very cool limited watch from the very popular Bell & Ross for a few thousand bucks."

Saab:"Take away that something that makes a Saab a Saab and it ceases to be a Saab and Saab ceases to be. That’s perhaps a tautology or perhaps a mystical revelation or maybe we’re all supposed to clap so Tinkerbelle will live. But the Saabness of a Saab is a fragile thing in an era of platform sharing and intensive competition: Put a griffin on the hood of an Opel and call it a Saab and you break the spell, and what was Saab evanesces without even any sparkling stuff in the air."

iPad:"If you are thinking the Apple iPad is like stretching an iPhone and giving it a great display, you are mostly right."

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