Second best

I went to a swimming competition yesterday. A serious one.
I enjoy swimming a lot but I never fooled myself that I'm really good. I got 2 medals, silver for 50m freestyle and gold for 400m freestyle. But due to a minor logistic issue, I didn't get the actual gold medal, the object . Don't get me wrong, I got the no. 1 diploma and there are pictures of me high on the platform, but I don't have the medal. At first I was a bit disappointed. Cause I like medals.

But later I realized that I love my silver medal more and I don't need the gold one.
It became my favorite and most precious belonging at the moment. I'm wearing it as I write this.

It's a constant reminder not to settle, that there will always be something or someone to look up to. Thank God for that.

Photo by Toth Eniko


Anonymous said...

Congrats... It's not about winning... But doing your best and participating regardless... xxx

Carlos said...

...and you look really stylish and happy, specially comparing with third position girl... ;)