Speak to you later.

There was a time when you could share stuff with only a handful of people. And that was good cause maybe even a debate would be born from that. Maybe you were making new friends and enemies. It was anyway, a night out, when people shared a good wine and some interesting stories.

Then sharing networks appeared. You would share and share and share and share. Nothing would be just for you anymore. You would get likes and comments and that would make you feel important, validated, liked.
Until you find something that good, you don't want to share it. It's so obscure but brilliantly tasty, perfectly touching your soul, in so many ways, you want to keep it to yourself.

And then you feel uncomfortable.

But that's what usually happens when you change your routines.

Keep that obscure thing obscure for 2 more days. If it's that hip you'll see it on a wall in your face.
But keep it with/within you for a while. Let it haunt you, let it resonate with the other things that, along the time form-ulated you. Let it stay, get its vitamins. Like you do with great food. You don't spit it out, you slowly swallow it, tasting  it, feeling how good it is for you.

Let it form you, still. Listen to it, before you talk about it.

Nope, I'm not sharing it just yet. 2 days. It's, at least for me, painstakingly good.

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