May 16, 2014

Keep it real.

I moved to London 6 months ago, leaving a lot behind. A lot of my clothes, books, tools. The only thing I truly miss is my cat. 
You learn that you don't need a lot to be happy. You don't need two pairs of fins and 3 googles to be able to swim. You don't need all those boxes with small things you gathered all these years. You don't need all the books. You don't need all your clothes. You don't need that tshirt you bought years ago but never managed to give it away just because.

There comes a time when you need to stop doing the things you do. Especially when those things are nothing but noise. Especially when there's too much useless information coming at you from all directions. Our brains are not equipped for all this busy modern life we're living.
Stop, take a break and declutter.
You don't use it? You don't need it. 

I started with the luminous rectangles almost a month ago - deleted all the games from my iPhone. Then deleted a lot of apps that buzzed me with notifications but that I never really used. Trust me, you don't need a lot of free apps tracking your workouts, you need a good payed one.
Kept my games and books on the iPad that always stays offline. Offline time is always good time.

Mail was next so I unsubscribed from all the useless newsletters feeding me information I didn't use or need.
Maybe marketing should forget about newsletters and think about something new. They didn't make me buy anything or love the brand.

When it came to facebook, I had 2 choices, either delete the account but then again I use their messenger app to keep in touch with my real friends. So the obvious solution was to unfriend everyone I never met, or met but never really got to be personal or people that are not in my life anymore. Keeping it real. So I got from 2020 facebook friends to 600 people I know or I'm interested in what they do, or simply I just like them.

And it feels fucking great. Facebook is again only for friends, for sharing silly little things that amuse me and maybe the people I know.

Back to blog for sharing thoughts or inspiration. Back to soundcloud to discover new music. Back to newsreaders where I carefully curate what I read. Back to books. Back to more offline life. 

And I hate those sites that teach you how to make your life happier in 10 easy steps. I have no idea what works for you when it comes to decluttering and making your life easier and tastier. I'm simply sharing what works for me.

You go and have an awesome weekend. I know I am.


euni said...

Fabulous outlook, feel it all like you :) XX

Felipov said...

Thank you Eunice.
Hope to see you soon, now you're closer. XX

a said...

I went the delete way. Glad to hear it's been good. I left with a suitcase of clothes when I moved last time and haven't bothered to go back for my stuff :P

+1 +1 +1