ROI looking good?

For every civilized human being that was connected yesterday to any kind of news channel, events in Paris were simpy revolting. 
Except for the marketing team at Tesco and the editorial team behind Metro, self entitled "world's most popular free newspaper". They were not on the planet. They had a core meeting somewhere in Saturn, about conquering new teritories and you know how interstellar wifi works. It's still in its early days. News travel with sublight speed. It takes a while to reach Saturn. 

This is the only explanation I could find for this morning Metro running a full cover advertising Tesco.

I understand Metro is a free newspaper, thus relying on advertising. I also believe that when the core concept of the media you're using is threatened, you as a newspaper and you as someone who uses it as a part of the media plan, you stop doing those powerpoints presentations and brainstorming sessions for company's monthly newsletter. You forget about brand awareness. Your common sense descends back and you realise that you can, for a day tell Tesco that they can have the cover tomorrow. Today, we have more important things to write about. And you, marketing team behind Tesco, you can either sack Metro, or just say, you know what, we're going to run the cover. Make it black. Write something empathic. Be human. Or just don't run the ad. 

SHAME marketing team at Tesco, shame editorial team at Metro. 

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