kids creativity education

Going back to last week.The napoleons in bucharest.
At one point there was a design test.Given some materials we had raise a self sustainable structure that would put the marshmallow highest possible.20 spaghetti. 1 m of tape.1 m of dental wire.(mint) and a marshmallow.
Teams, complicated or simple structures, measurement at the end.
The best part comes when russell shows some pics with kids who took the test.They raised beautifull structures.They cheated by asking for more spaghetti or more tape.They tried more than 2 times to raise the thing.Funny but no one from the audience thought of even asking for more materials.Our team asked if we could cut the marshmellow in pieces and use it for the structure, but that's not cheating cause we didn't cut the marshmellow.
Got me thinking about how kids react and communicate.
And then i found this lecture about educating creativity.At some point ken robinson says that we grow out of creativity.I tend to say that he is right.
And after this i go to russell davies and find his kid reading a book.His reactions to drawings are so fresh and unexpected.
No conclusion or something.Just got me thinking that there's something about kids that we're completlly missing.

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Eugen said...

off-topic: azi e a treia oara cand treci pe langa mine anul asta, si iar m-am prins prea tarziu si n-am apucat sa strig dupa tine. :D Data viitoare voi fi mai pe faza.