wooster published something about one nike ad saying that is stolen.
well.we can have a huge talk about inspiration, and nothing new.
can you own an idea? maybe someone from the agency who did it saw robin's happends with a lot of ads.but when you think of it, the creatives in agencies are not some geniuses that have instant brilliant solutions.they are normal poeple.that go to exhibitions and see movies.the happiness factory( coke) resembles to me with charlie and the chocolate it stealing?
or is it just another perspective on things?
kill bill says that tarantino likes japanese animations, and that he saw al least one mathew barney exhibition and that he saw a lot of discovery it stealing?
somebody said at one point that all the ideas that we can think of have been thought of and all the images that we can see were seen there's nothing new.
i think i have to read again bourriaud's postproduction.

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