today's artist nina simone

it's one of those days when everything connects in an unexplainable way.
saw linklater's a scanners darkly yesterday, and because linklater is one of my fav directors i got to the point where i was thinking about which one of his movs i like best.
well i couldn't say but i just feel like seing before sunset again.
and here is the last scene from it.
nina simone's just in time.


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Anonymous said...

i love linklater's before sunset also A LOT

felipov said...

what i like about before sunset is the real component.the action is supposed to be the exact time as he says.45 minutes or so before the flight.
and when it comes to the dialogues they were writen by the actors thus giving "the real" component.
no commen about waking life which dialogues i really really like.

zuza said...

before sunrise and before sunset are probably the most beautiful movies love-related, best to watch alone or with one of the significant others that pass through one's life..
i think everybody wants to be them, julie's and ethan's characters, everybody would want to experience stumbling on love like that, even for just a brief period..
absolutely beautiful :)
happy easter!