can they do it?

Veteran designer Peter Molyneux has said that he wants to put love into his next game, Fable 2.

"We can do excitement, fear, achievement. Surely we can think about other emotions?"

"Everybody is talking about emotion, story, engagement and narrative," Mr Molyneux said. "We have tried to approach it in a different way. We are going to explore love."

Can they do it? Can you feel love from a virtual dog or a lover?

via bbc
later edit: no visible connection apart from "game" in the meanwhile , until generating love, games can determine depression.

"Depressed people found their way to an average of 2.4 locations compared with 3.8 locations for healthy controls. Indeed, the more depressed a person was, the lower the score (The American Journal of Psychiatry, vol 164, p 516). Gould hopes the test may eventually provide a quantifiable measure of depression."

via newscientistnews

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