today's artist telepopmusik breathe

Continuing this week's theme, female voice found in my computer, today's artist is Telepopmusik feat. Andrea McCluskey
I picked this version because it's more alert and we still need the energy.It's the middle of the week.We need to be alert and working.
The slower, sexier version is for the week-end.And it's here


Dominus said...

faina piesa, tnx for sharing

Evil Monkey said...

aha aha, pe cand aveam un telefon pe post de iPod eram inebunit de piesa asta...acum am un iPod pe post de telefon si tot ma inebuneste piesa :P

Matei said...

hi Oana! been reading u for a while now. funky blog! funky you! ma gandeam ca poate ai vrea sa facem un exchange de links. what do u say..?