Pools in Bucharest

I'm far from being a good swimmer. I just practice a lot.
But since swimming is an important part of my life, I've been frequently asked about the best pool&gear.
As far as I'm concerned, I've tried several over the years and what I seek in a pool is perfect clean water, clean lockers, and if it's crowded I prefer people who swim to people who chat&kiss at the end of the lane.
And one more little detail - I like my pool blue - cause there is a black one, for the real depressed but posh swimmers.

been there for a couple of times.
+'s - 25 m, clean, far from crowded ( price I reckon )
-'s - the rather long corridor between the pool and locker area, price.

used this one for 1.5 years
+'s - the price
-'s - 22m, really crowded if you go there to swim, crowded lockers as in walking naked silicon valley (boys, it's not pretty, trust me)

3. IDM - my recommendation
using it since November.
+'s - 25m, price, cleanest water ever, not crowded
-'s - the clerks.

++ 50m, great water.
I'd swim there everyday, but since it's out of town, it just counts as one of the coolest pools ever, not your everyday swim.
It's open to public but you need to call first.

5. Dinamo - outdoor
if you don't mind seeing the occasional leaf - from the trees near, it's perfect for summer week-days, early evening swims.
50m, clean water.
avoid during the week-end - it's very crowded.

Hope this is helpful.
I'll get back with a post about gear.

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Dru said...

IDM seems to require a club membership (6 months) to access the pool.

There are also two Aqua Sport pools in Sector 3: Aqua Sport Dante Alighieri (Titan) and Aqua Sport Olimpia (Vitan). They have the lanes up all the time and you can swim without instructor during the recreational swimming. Downside is it's 30 lei.

Swimming seems to be quite expensive in Romania.