Death is like surgery.

You think you're a dog person. You're so convinced until a cat purrs itself into your life. You hear all those things about cats. That they will do and that they won't do this or that.

You get a cat. You're not very convinced. And then, out of the blue, you're lost. You have no clue when it happened. Next step, you take pictures of the sodding fluffy furry ball, you facebook, instagram them, cause, of course you see the universe in it. You think it teaches you stuff.

Truth is, the sodding, annoying thing teaches you stuff about truly embracing randomness, about precious love that is build in years, grace, perfume, indulgence, sleep, zen, you know, the Universe.

You like it when your friends get cats, you somehow feel connected once more cause you have another subject to marvel about.
It's wonderful.

Until your friend calls, crying and you can hear  e v e r y  f u c k i n g  cell of her heart tearing apart  when she says Tigra died. You feel the pain, it's so overwhelming, you get shivers down your spine.

The end.

You go and see your friend - it's a tragedy. It really is. You ponder about life and death, about friendship, guilt and so much more. The fluffy thing managed to get you wrapped around it's claws. And you realize you're a slave to love.

A cat will do that to you. Like it or not.

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a. said...

So true, a lot of people that don't like cats just having had one. I have dogs at the moment but I miss the ability of making them purr at the touch of your hand.

Death is sad for every animal, but I feel for your friend!