Every superhero has his flaws.

Isn't it funny how life is?
Last night I was thankful for the love I receive. 

Tonight, my life companion, who is, like for most of us, ( I still hope - a minority ) , a cat or maybe a dog, believed he can fly from the 5th floor.

For those welcomed home by a small fluffy thing, that, in his alien language, argues with you, you know the panic. You know how your heart stops. It, fucking, painstakingly stops. 

Briefly, my cat flew from the 5th floor. But we're both born on the 13th. We're lucky bastards. 

I am truly thankful for the strangers that stopped tonight. For the strangers that helped me when I was frozen in pain and tears. For the strangers that called other unknown friends to make sure we get the best medical attention. For the strangers that carried us. For friends that came to our rescue. For friends that spent hours talking to us. For the unasked tenderness. For eye contact that spells more than words.

We are a family. We are Felipov Oana and Felipov Kiwi, we're superheroes and we both humbly bow before you - people we've met, some new, some old, tonight. I will bow more cause Kiwi has some broken bones. But he saw you. He knows.

We thank you. More than words can ever say. You make it worth caring, worth loving, worth giving.

P. S. We love Ortovet

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