Plan B

I used to write daily - on the blog that is. And since I'm coming from ages when facebook was a synapse that didn't happen just yet, I used my blog for sharing beautiful music or any kind of interesting info I found on the mighty web.

Facebook happened, so, apart from important moments that required more than 2 lines of text, I didn't write much.

My cat's fall brought one of the ugliest weeks in my life. Re-arranged a lot. Changed the way I look at some people, proving, once again that cats are great teachers on human behaviour.

Last night I lost my iPhone, cause I'm not my usual self these days. Or I am my usual self just powerless and just tired. It's a bad moment. A bad year.

It's not about the phone. It's about waking up and figuring out plan B. Cause we all should have one. Just in case. Like - what do you use for the morning alarm? Remember alarm clocks? They run on batteries, without an USB. OMG!!!

It's a bad moment and it's ok to feel miserable. I can't help smiling though, on the thought that old habits die easy actually and all happens so that, in a while, we'll wonder about how we managed to pass through it all.

Life is good as long as it is and as long as plan B is not a scare.

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