Happy tree friends.

Facebook made us all friends. We all like each other, we say nice things and we behave. Harmony. We're all correct, sustaining the right causes by a click, liking the food we can't possibly cook in our kitchens and the cats we can't really take care of. Lovely. An uniform mass of lovely, kind creatures, all behaving and smiling. Isn't that cute? 

You might argue that some things, like porn should not be shared, but kept in a secret folder to be tasted from time to time, in small portions that keep you wanting more.

And I agree. I'm a nice creature.

So, the next video is a book adaptation, done for a fashion magazine and it teaches us the value of a clean cold table and other healthy things, like showering and clean sheets.

See you soon.

Mine from Alvaro de la HerrĂ¡n on Vimeo.

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