Slow down, baby.

I've always taken care of my feet. This means always getting the comfiest shoes available. Sneakers, flats and flip-flops.

But even I, a tall girl, have 2 pairs of very high heels. I rarely wear them. Because wearing high heels always seems like an ordeal. What am I going to wear them with? I might need to move fast, my walking seems clumsy, etc. All this makes me jump in my comfy casual shoes, and leave the heels for yet another uncertain, forever postponed occasion. Cause we need to perform fast and look casually smart.

And then you find a perfect pair. You feel more comfortable. Your walking improves. But there's this thing. You can't be fast. It takes more time to get from A to B. What an ordeal.

Oh, wait. You listen to more music, your posture changes, your thinking flow changes. The universe doesn't end if you're slow and what looked as a necessary horror ends up a pure delight.

Oh, my, I like it slow. I like more music. I like the islands of time just for me. I like the smiles. I like the new perspective.

Slow down, baby. It's sunny outside.

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