Jay-Z is Great Gatsby's real director.

The Great Gatsby has pretty colors, has CGI, "cool"actors" pools and champagne. Perfect you might say. It's so boringly flat, I had to force myself to make it to the end. It lacks pretty much everything that a good movie needs.
There's no build up, there's no rhythm, nothing sexy and decadent about it, characters looked all the same to me, costumes were boring.

I mean guys, it's a love story in the 20s NY decadence...champagne and some pool splashes? 

When I first saw the names on "The Great Gatsby"s soundtrack I was in total awe.
Dark Jack White plus Beyonce covering Amy Winehouse plus Florence and the Machine plus Bryan Ferry plus Sia plus Emeli Sande covering Beyonce? with a splash of The XX? Oh, my, I could feel my brain shiver on the verge of an explosion.

Over the years, Jay-Z showed himself as a brilliant producer cause like it or not, he is to blame after all, for ubertalented wifey's constant success. 

But now, he simply reveals how much music he knows, creating this beautiful aural landscape, yours to fill with the plot. Just take some time off, play the soundtrack, add some 20s decadence with a dash of love and I really don't want to know what's inside that secret cinema that your brain possesses.

I'm sure it's eons better than what I saw last night.

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