Happy anniversary, baby.

Exactly two years ago, something important happened to me. And I'm sure the world doesn't care that much about what was it and that's fine. But to put it in context, I won two medals at a swimming competition. Gold and silver. Of course it was very cool to be number one, but being number two made me think about being second best, about staying hungry, staying fearful, about always staying humble.

So I decided that the 27th of November will be a special day for me. An anchor to always remind me that I'm not the absolute best, that there are good things to come, that effort always pays off and that generally life is good.

We can't walk on water or fly or be personal Jesuses for somebody else, we can't change how the world spins, we can't know it all, we have limited resources, we can't be someone else overnight and that's fine with me.

But we can create our own anniversaries, we can establish our own traditions. We can change toxic habits with healthy ones, and by doing so, small steps every day, hopefully become better versions of ourselves.

That's being true to meaningful events in your life, keeping your eyes wide open. That's allowing the world to pass through you as input and let it form-ulate you, without over thinking too much, though.

Today I am celebrating two years passing ever since, the end of a cycle, the beginning of a new cycle. 

And if you are celebrating something today as well, take a moment, think about what you're celebrating, smile and be thankful for what you've got. 

Happy anniversary, baby.

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TheUnsuitableGuy said...

"Can't walk on water yet". I think it's good to start new cycles, though most of us spend our days in one, perpetual, never-ending cycle