Baby, we need to have a talk.

Dear Apple,
This is Oana. I've loved you ever since my first iPod. 64 gb of music. It seemed like heaven. It was that old model, with a wheel, I hope you remember. One of those that didn't have a replaceable battery. Oh, the drama when it broke. I loved it so much, I had to dissect it to figure out the magic inside, I'm a geek you see? When I did that, there was a loose contact, a wire sticking out, which I cured with some tape. That first iPod works 8 years after. 

But see, I didn't have an iPhone, nor desired one, nor worked on a mac. 
You seemed too beautiful to me. 

You seduced me with the touch. So I decided to get an iPhone. Oh, the drama of a lost one, the drama of a broken screen, you know what I'm talking about. 
The mac came last to join the happy family of screens and endless possibilities. 
The iPad because I moved so I needed to compress all my books. 

Now I'm listening to a meditation audiobook on my iPhone6. Oh, love it. 
But baby, it doesn't have a fucking bookmark on audiobooks? Are you fucking kidding me? See? I got a kindle as a present. I would have never betrayed the shinny luminous iPad for bedtime reading. But you know what? Kindle rules when it comes to reading. It's uglier, it's true and Gooooood, it takes me 45 seconds to write something which would have been 10 on you. But it works beautifully. 

I can bookmark shit. I can take my time. 

I don't want to download an app that helps me bookmark an audiobook. It's scratching my left ear with my right hand, after I managed to get rid of the bag and the rainproof jacket, in a crowded underground. Your built in app can do that. 
Amore, just put a fucking bookmark sign there. You don't need a whole design department to do it. 

So please step up the game and deliver what made me fall for you. That brilliant user experience. The common sense of longlasting great design. Maybe it's time to read Steve Job's stuff again. Do it on a kindle. Be disruptive, again. 

Thank you, babe. 

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