TV series worth watching

If you feel like you need something different than the usual netflix menu, here's some series I watched and liked.

So if you're into good crime I recommend Montalbano.

There's two of them. Young Montalbano and Inspector Montabano.

They are tv adaptations after Andrea Camilleri's novels.

I started with "Young Montalbano", having no clue the series I was watching were a prequel on a classic Italian series: Montalbano.

In gorgeous Sicily, foodie Commisario Salvo Montalbano deals with crime. Salvo keeps everyone happy, while gently imposing the sense of justice. His longterm stagnant relationship with Livia (who lives in a different city) is one of the constant themes. His love for Sicily keeps him in fictional city of Vigata. Oh, and he lives in an awful place by the sea.

All characters are absolutely great and I can't really decide which Montalbano I like. The young one or the old one. Both series are impeccably done and same character is beautifully played in both adaptations.

And in a beautiful twist of history, Young Montalbano's music is performed by Olivia Sellerio, daughter of Enzo and Elvira Sellerio, Andrea Camilleri's publishers.

Watch both of them, in whichever order you choose. Let me know what you think

I'm going to leave you with Young Montalbano's trailer featuring Olivia's haunting voice. 

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